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COVID-19 and Haggis Tours

Dear Haggis Tours Family,

It is with a heavy heart that I write that our doors are now closed until further notice due to COVID - 19.

I want to start by reassuring you that, with the support of our owners and the UK Government, we will retain our phenomenal team. It’s certainly been a rocky road recently for each and every one of us across the globe, however we, at Haggis Tours Ltd are now all focused on welcoming you back in the future.

For everybody who has a reservation, either motorcycle hire or for tours, we will be reaching out to you from tomorrow morning to advise that we are closed until further notice. Currently we are looking at 1st June 2020 but that is dependent on COVID - 19 updates, we will of course keep everyone updated.

Please do not worry. We will reschedule any bookings you have made at no cost of course, or you can ask us to keep the deposits paid as a credit for a period of up to 18 months to give you time to work out a time that will suit you and your travel buddies. If we don’t reach out to you over the next few days please email us as there are certainly a lot of you to get through.

Whilst we are not open I can assure you that our team will be working hard to ensure that the day we reopen for business, you will experience a true highland welcome like no other.

We are immensely proud of our team, as well you know, all of our “characters” have been with us for since we started and they love to bring you a true Highland experience - that passion will not go away, even though we sometimes wish Sams joke book would!

We will still be here to answer the phones, emails and letters you have sent, we are working from our respective homes so please bear with us if we can’t answer all your questions in one go. We will of course get the answers and get back to you as soon as is practically possible.

Stay safe and we assure you that when we have the pleasure of welcoming you all back your first tank is on us.

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