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  • Our bespoke motorcycle tours do not involve excessively high mileage days and in no way are they a race against each other or time in general – we operate a drop off system to ensure that no rider gets left behind, if you are unsure of what this means, we will fully explain before initially setting off. Excessively high mileage days on a motorcycle in our opinion do not constitute, an enjoyable or relaxing holiday – We have done plenty of this as a solo rider throughout the UK and in Europe in the past and it gets to the point where it is no longer a pleasure! It should be enjoyable and relaxing for all – including any pillion passengers that may be partaking. We want you to experience the benefits that an exclusive motorcycle-touring holiday has to offer.

  • All our Tours are completely customisable to best suit everybody, prefer to stay outwith major towns and cities? No problem. Prefer to stay in bigger areas? Again, no problem. Want shorter/longer riding hours or an extra day off? You guessed it, no problem.

  • We will tour any month in the year as opposed to most who only offer Peak times. (Subject to weather conditions for safety and riding time is reduced due to lesser daylight hours)

  • We have spent many hours researching the best roads that are built to be ridden, compiling this into comprehensive route plans for the trip. So you dont need to worry about if the road really is worthwhile including or not. Along with this we have scoped out the fuel stops available so you are safe in the knowledge that where we are going you shouldn't have any opportunity to run out of fuel.  We also take into account and are aware of any Hazardous conditions we may encounter such as loose gravel patches etc to make it safer for everyone.

  • We can provide a detailed itinerary for your peace of mind for each step of the way, including the Gps locations of the final point of call for that day so if you prefer to spend a day doing your own thing you know you can find us again at the end of the day.

  • We will always carry a telephone you can reach us on when touring, even when we are riding, meaning signal dependant, you will never lose contact with us, we recommend this number should also be given to family and friends in case of emergency, as we will be able to pull the group over at a safe location to allow anything urgent to be dealt with.

  • Full public liability insurance

  • All our guides are first aid trained and carry a well stocked first aid kit at all times​

  • Our tour guides have many years experience on bikes and are fun, considerate and helpful at the appropriate times.

  • Haggis motorcycle tours (HMT) are fully flexible in what they do so if you really want to add something to the itinerary, then lets do it

  • We understand you maybe want the flexibility of eating what you want and when you wish so we don't include dinner but we will still treat you occasionally too.

  • Flexible payment options.  We accept payment by cash, card, paypal, cheque, bank transfer, or a variety of several.  Also you can pay it up before you go in smaller manageable amounts. (Instalments that allow you to chose when and how much)

  • We operate a drop off system (Click to learn more>>>The Drop off System<<<) so we never leave anyone behind and there is 0% chance of getting lost.

  • Our day doesn't finish when we dismount the bikes that evening, we are happy to spend the evenings making sure you have an enjoyable time, but of course if you want peace, we will leave you to it.

  • We have no age limit (Other than for hiring of our bikes for insurance purposes)

  • Free photo & video compilation at the end of the trip will be delivered to you (Usually after a few days for processing)

  • We listen, if you have a suggestion, idea or concern.  We truly care about your experience and how we can improve and thats what we always strive to do, so please, suggest away, we won't be offended.

  • We "Make Life Simple."

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