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The only OFFICIAL motorcycle tour guides for North Coast 500!


Come and join us on our Norway tour and explore for yourself the captivating sights on offer.

8th-24th JULY 2024 - 17 Days- From £3099

Tour Highlights

Trolls Ladder Norway
Atlantic Road
Låtefossen Falls
Trolls Ladder
Atlantic Road
17-21 Days of sensational touring.
Norways best biking Roads.

Tour Itinerary

The Norway tour leaves from Newcastle on 22nd July and boarding starts around 15:00.  We will meet up at the ferry terminal prior to boarding. The overnight crossing is more of a mini cruise with excellent restaurants to choose from and free entertainment in the bar. We normally go for the buffet as its great value and the choice is endless. We will have a meet and great in the bar area and get to know each of you a little. 

Day 1 Sunday 23rd 

After disembarking the ferry and regrouping just outside the terminal we will head North and make our way over to Eemshaven stopping for some fantastic views on the Afsluitijk causeway before boarding our second overnight ferry which will take us Directly to Norway. Today is about 150 miles and 3 hrs riding.


Day 2 Monday 24th 

Arriving in Kristiansand around 10:00, we head off on your Scandinavian adventure towards the capital Oslo. We will use a mix of roads during the day and get into some nice scenery withing a few miles of the port. Today is about 200 miles and 5 hrs riding.


Day 3 Tuesday 25th 

Leaving Oslo behind we cross into Sweden and head North through the Forests, tonight’s stop is in Ostersund, so enjoy the quiet roads and let the miles melt away.  Today is about 350 miles and 7 hrs riding.


Day 4 Wednesday 26th 

E45, E45 and more E45, yes that’s the only road number you have to worry about today, heading up through the centre of Sweden into the Northern County to tonight’s well-deserved accommodation in Arvidjaur. Today is about 300 miles and 6 hrs riding. 

Day 5 Thursday 27th 

You will be glad to hear its only a half day today and yes, its more of the E45 finishing up at Gallivare  in Lapland. Just down the road is the Aitik mine- the worlds most productive open-pit copper mine with its enormous machines its worth a look. With some time to enjoy why not do some shopping or explore the area. Today is about 150 miles and 3 hrs riding.


Day 6 Friday 28th 

Continuing Northwards after about 130 miles you will cross over the Kaaresuvanto river and into Finland. You will only be in Finland for 60 miles but its still one to tick off the list of countries visited. Then its back into Norway for the last leg of the day and back to our old friend the E45 where the scenery starts to change and opens up. Tonight, and tomorrow night’s accommodation is in Alta. Today is about 300 miles, 3 countries and 6 hrs riding.


Day 7 Saturday 29th 

Today is one to tick an item off the bucket list, the most Northerly point of mainland Europe accessed by road, yes, it is Nordkapp finally. From Alta it is Aprox 3 hrs ride north to the globe and 3 hrs back so we would suggest an early start to make the most of it. The views are fantastic weather permitting, enjoy the road with its 7km tunnel and stunning coastal route. Today is about 300miles and 6hrs riding back to last night’s hotel. 


Day 8 Sunday 30th  

It is now time to start heading south again. Leaving Alta behind we start meandering around the Fjords and between the mountains to the town of Narvik. Today is about 290 miles and 7 hrs riding.


Day 9 Monday 31st 

The Lofoten Isles is where you are heading today. Its another short day so enjoy the unbelievable scenery and stop for loads of photos you even have time to go off route and explore. Tonight, we will be stopping in Stokmarknes on the Island of Hadseloya, it is about a 45min loop to go around the small island. Today is about 130 miles and 4 hrs the direct way.

Day 10 Tuesday 1st  

This morning we start with a 45 min ferry crossing to Stronstad and then down towards Moskenes via some small detours. There is a great little fishing museum in the village of ‘A’ right at the bottom of the archipelago. Today is about 120 miles and 4 hrs the direct way.


Day 11 Wednesday 2nd 

We leave the Lofoten Isles behind today starting with a 3-hour ferry ride to Bodo then its onto the Arctic visitor centre where you will have bragging rights from being to Nordkapp. Further down the road is the Arctic Circle Raceway and the Arctic Circle Motorcycle Museum worth a visit if it is open. You finish the day in Mo I Rana. Today is about 150 miles and 3 hrs riding.


Day 12 Thursday 3rd 

It is a high mileage today and we will stick to the E6 right down to Trondheim today you will go to Hell (small town), Trondheim is a lovely town with a great marina and plenty of places to grab a drink and some food. Today is about 300 miles and 7 hrs riding.


Day 13 Friday 4th 

3 big ones today, The wild Atlantic Road, Trollstigen (The Trolls adder) and Geiranger.  Coast roads, tunnels, mountains, hairpins and more scenery than your eyes can take in are all part of todays route.It is a big one so early start and a good nights sleep. Today is about 250 miles and 7 hrs riding.


Day 14 Saturday 5th 

We start the day on a high today – about 1500 meters above the fjord at the Dalsnibba viewpoint and skywalk. (About £15 but worth it) from here it’s a choice either the stunning 258 road (bit of a gravel track in places but passable with care) or through the 2549m Ospelitunnelen then its past the Jostedalsbreen national park and on down to Flam for a well-deserved day off. Today is about 180 miles and 6 hrs riding. 

Day 15 Sunday 6th 

Relax, do nothing or take a trip on the Flamsbana  (Flam railway) – one of the worlds most beautiful train journeys or take a ride out to the 12th century Borgund Stave Church and get some really special photos on the way back down of the fjord. 


Day 16 Monday 7th 

It is a little pop over the beautiful Bergen today via a small detour, getting you there in time to explore the city. The area around wharf with its old wooden buildings is worth a visit and there are plenty of restaurants there also. Today is about 120 miles and 4 hrs riding.

Day 17 Tuesday 8th 

Today is a full days ride with lots to see including a roundabout inside a tunnel, one of the world’s longest span suspension bridges, ferry crossings and waterfalls, along with tremendous views. You finish the day in Jorpeland. Today is about 200 miles and 7 hrs riding.


Day 17 Wednesday 9th 

Take a day off and if you wish take a trek to Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) take in the amazing views of Lysefjord from 605m above the water. It will take approx. 4 hours to make the 8km round trip and study footwear is recommended.   

Day 18 Thursday 10th 

This moring you can rest those tired legs and enjoy a very scenic ferry ride up the entire length of Lysefjord to Lysebotn, from here its back on the bikes to tackle the Lysebotnvegen road with its 27 hairpin turns including 1 inside a tunnel and finish the day at Rysstad. Today is about 60 miles and 2 hrs riding.

Day 19 Friday 11th 

Today you return back to Kristiansand intime to catch the ferry back to Eemshaven. Today is about 90 miles and 3 hrs riding.


Day 20 Saturday 12th 

We head back across Germany and the Netherlands to Ijmuiden to catch the ferry home. Todays is about 150 miles and 2.5 hours riding.


Day 21 Sunday 13th 

We arrive back in the uk and once off the ferry it is time to say our goodbyes and head home, tired but smiling from all the great memories of the last 3 weeks.  

Tour mileage approx. 4k miles 

norway buildings.JPG
Wooden buildings

It's hard to miss these quaint little buildings dotted along the roadside

troll norway.JPG

Folklore tales galore about these little creatures


Wildlife comes in all shapes and sizes in Norway

DSCN1190 (1).JPG
Borgund Stave Church

A 13th century church one of only 28 of its kind

norway arty.JPG
Panoramic views

You'll never be stuck for a photo opportunity, sometimes the best view is behind you

holland windmills.jpg

Not Norway but you see these heading up to Norway via the Netherlands

DSCN1057 (1).JPG
Hardanger Bridge

Amazing pieces of engineering such as this bridge can be seen around the tour 

This is a must tour for any motorcyclists. The experience was awesome and haggis tours handled everything from start to finish with expert hands...

Sarah M - England

Whats Included?

Great Accommodation  

Fully Guided or Lead Yourself

Fabulous Breakfasts

17 Days of breathtaking views

GPS Routes Supplied

Access to all Photos taken

Fantastic Farewell Meal

Channel Crossings

Tour T-Shirt

Tour Sticker

Whats Not?




Lunch & Dinner

Entrance  Fees to Attractions

Short fjord ferry crossing

Travel & Breakdown Insurance

Any parking charges


17 Days - £3699 pp

21 Days - £4900 pp


17 Days -£4299 pp

21 Days - £6100 pp


17 Days - £3099 pp

21 Days - £4400 pp


We require a deposit of £250  at the Time of Booking and the rest no later than 6 weeks before Tour Date...

Payment Plan Available

"...We never do the same holiday twice, but we will definitely be returning customers xxx"

Alison E - UK

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