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8 Reasons to commit to a Motorcycle Tour in 2022

So we are nearing to 2022 already! Only a blink or two ago it felt like we were all locked down, teaching ourselves how to make the perfect cocktail, doing lockdown projects such as the one our mate Alan did where he completely stripped, refreshed and rebuilt every part of a BMW R80rt into a pristine cafe racer style machine with its gleaming burgundy tank complete with airbrushing and pristine pin striping, the plush leather seat that reminds you of a classic Barbour quilted jacket. Those off road inspired knobblies perched on beautiful cast rims that compliment the black on black engine and framework. Can you tell we have poured over this work of art for hours? We keep Shhhhush about it and make sure we don’t tell him how impressed we are with it otherwise he will be wanting to make some drastic changes to some of our bikes in the fleet, if his head would still fit out the door that is.

Anyway back to what we should be thinking about, which is not the Satin finished twin exhausts that tone in and match perfectly with it’s satin pin stripe effect on the edges of the cooling fins along its four stroke, two cylinder, horizontally opposed boxer engine heads and main body. We are thinking about the length of time we have had at home be it furloughed and watching tv or sitting in that dusty spare room with a plantronics finest headset on casually eating a bowl of Coco Pops as the calls roll into your makeshift call centre which suddenly allows and more importantly, makes it acceptable for you to be half dressed in a state of unwashed glory with last nights pizza still stuck to your cheek whilst you sound as professional as you can when asking for the security information required to allow you to access the clients banking information about which they are calling as once again they are sat at home doing something probably quite similar to one of the above.

So we have all been sat around for I guess what feels like eternity to some and only minutes to others depending on the work you do and the lifestyle you lead. What we all have in common though is a passion for adventure and that takes place on two rubber tyres with varying amounts of metal and hp strapped to it. The quantities are somewhat irrelevant to us as we saddle up and meet new people to join an adventure to explore where no man, or woman, has gone before….well not in the tour group anyway, except hopefully the leader/guide. That would probably help. So about those 8 reasons to Tour in 2022…

1: Have you seen what year it is?

We have absolutely covered this in the above couple of paragraphs….it’s been an age and nobody has gone anywhere! Did you know you’ve probably aged 2 years since lockdown…Your probably still thinking and telling others your two years younger than you really are! Mind you, some have been at that trick for years…

2: Improve or recover those vital Social Skills

Peoples social skills, mental health and dare we say it, riding skills have deteriorated over this time by probably much more that they realise. Be truthful to yourself now, has something seems more socially awkward recently that it used too? Do you find yourself eating more of the wrong things at the wrong time (usually in front of a binge worthy tv series). I know we have…Let’s get out there and rebuild these skills, mental state and re hone the riding skills we have embedded into our hearts.

3: Become a better rider

Yes we touched on it in reason number 2 but it’s worthy of its very own reason point. The more you ride, the better rider you become. With more experience, comes a more practical road sense that makes you a safer rider as you explore all the possible do’s and don’ts you must follow in order to stay safe. Our guides are all I.A.M. Advanced Riders but still see every day as a learning day. There’s definitely something to learn for everyone, It’s what you do with it that counts.

4: Find your Zen

On a motorcycle, your thoughts are occupied by the moment, and only the moment. In that moment you feel very, very big and at the same exact moment, you are very well aware that you are also very, very small. Those two concepts collide in your mind simultaneously, and that is why we have that look in our eyes. We see the universe for what it is and transcend reality.

5: You Learn About Perspective

Set your sights further down the road. Look where you want to go. Be aware of your surroundings. Live in the moment. The solutions to most problems we encounter on the road while riding are the same as the solutions to most of life’s problems. Look further down the road when you’re feeling unstable and you’ll be alright in the end.

6: Because we make it easy

Well it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t take one of these reasons for ourselves would it? As the headline says, we make it easy, simply search our website and find the tour that captures your attention the most. Perhaps its our NC500 Tour, the Croatia one, Ireland or maybe your looking for Portugal in 2023 to give you time to save? Read the general itinerary and make sure it’s right….check the other tours again and then simply drop us an email and we will do the rest. We can even source you a motorbike to do it all on if your not sure yours will make it.

7: You Meet the Nicest People

Every time you wave at a fellow rider, a little smile fills your soul. Most of my best mates are people I met through bikes. Whether it’s riding, talking about riding online, racing, or just plain perving on bikes, some of my favorite people are bike people. They’ll help you work on your project. They’ll help you move house. They’ll take care of you and your stuff when you wipe out. In short, bike people rule.

Bonding over any shared joy will always lead to rewarding, fulfilling friendships but I argue that few hobbies bring people from so many backgrounds together the way riding can.

8: Because Freedom

A motorcycle can take you a lot of places a car can’t, but that’s a very superficial concept of “freedom”. Really, a motorcycle gives you complete and total autonomy and agency over your decisions. Twist the throttle, weight the peg—your actions are yours and yours alone. You can’t even reach your cell phone. Your distractions are non-existent. It’s bliss...

So there you have it…8 reasons to pick a place or region to go, book some time off work and throw the leg over your bike. If you want reasons to pick us for your next tour then why not look at Tripadvisor, Trustpilot, google review or facebook for reviews.

Don’t forget to give us a like on social media or follow our updates by subscribing on the website

Give us a call or drop an email if we can help you make your aspirations into a reality.

Now where were we? Ah yes, it’s got beautiful black powder coated Hagon rear shocks that draw your attention down to the fact it has…….

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