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We're Good to Go...Are You?

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

We have had plenty of time to ponder during these unprecedented times to figure out exactly what's important to us here at Haggis Tours and hand on heart we can only say thats it's YOU, the client, the customer, the friend and Haggis family member that we have met and have yet to meet. Thats why, unlike most if not all other companies, we are opening back up to each and every one of you with a new normal, a new deal and a new outlook on how we want to move forward and progress our business.

We are going against the grain here and are ensuring we are offering something that no other #Motorcycle Hire and/or Tour company that we have found or heard of is offering or even seem to be remotely prepared to offer, certainly for 2020 let alone any other year. So what exactly are we offering?

We are offering a great big whopping #discount on ALL motorcycle hires for 2020.

Further to this we are going to offer a restricted tour itinerary for 2020 also. We are looking at offering only 2 Tour options for 2020, namely our Worldclass #Northcoast500 & #Skye Tour (3-5 days only) and our #Scotland Tour. These will be somewhat different to how we normally run them due to government restrictions on group sizes in gatherings and general health and safety guidelines in this current climate.

So, what's the deal I hear you ask...

For Motorcycle hires we are going to offer all our available bikes to be rented at £50 per day, so long as you rent for a minimum of 3 days. Thats literally a minimum of 60% OFF our regular pricing....WHATS THE CATCH??? Well we won't lie to you, there is one, but we think you will agree that it's not really a big one. We want you to bring your own bike clothing, gloves and Helmet with you for that price. We normally provide comprehensive equipment in our full price deals but with the strict measures in place with regards hygiene and general sanitation we figure it would be a better deal for you to bring your own stuff giving you a bit less to worry about and at the same time it will reduce our workload and costs involved too.

Choose from 7 of our stunning Bikes

You can select any of the bikes from our range of currently available on this deal, we have 4 Honda NC700x machines, 2 BMW F650GS, 1 Yamaha MT-03 (Ideal for A2 licence holders)

Our other bikes are currently unavailable just now for a variety or reasons, but, as soon as they do become available rest assured we will of course add them back onto the fleet of available machines.

We are re-opening for business from Friday 17th July 2020 for bike hire. Our Tours will be run on a once a month term for the season until things have settled down enough to begin opening up the calendar to a more regular pattern again. Currently we have not decided on the first dates for Tours however we are open to enquiries and if you include the dates you are willing and able to come on, ie 1st week or 4th week of the month of August, then we can look at running a tour on those dates and you will get first refusal of the very limited spaces that will be available due to the restrictions on gatherings and so forth.

We look forward to welcoming you all back, albeit in a way we are not so accustomed to, we are usually the first to offer some refreshments or a seat in the office for a bit of a chat whilst the rest of the tour group organise themselves with clothing and packing etc. We will still be creating and supplying our World Class Service but just in a new way.

Wishing you a great #staycation for 2020. Let's build on this experience together and craft a new normal.

The Haggis Family.

Call: 01463 800 041

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